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Pepper Spray

Simply stated, in their categories, these are the best products in the world. All of these units, unless noted otherwise, are in-stock containing our famous 2% formulas using 5.3 million SHU OC resin. All FOX formulas are non-flammable and Taser safe.

The safest, most intense and effective defense sprays you can buy!

are formulated to be the safest, hottest and most effective you can buy! All of our sprays are non-flammable, Taser-safe, and available in a wide range of sizes with varying percentages of pepper (OC), combinations of pepper and tear gas (CS) and ultra-violet dye, plus the newest addition, MEAN GREEN®H2OC®—the world’s first GREEN pepper spray! You will also find that we have a spray pattern to fit your every need, including our famous heavy stream and medium emission cone-fog sprays for our 2, 3 and 4-ounce units. Upon close inspection you will find that only the highest quality materials and components are used in the manufacturing of these products. If we can do it better, tell us how it is possible.

2 Million Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) Rating

All Fox Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays® use organic pepper resins that have at least a true 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating. We were the first company to use resins with this intense rating in a 5% product and our formulas are still unsurpassed! In 1998, we became the first and only company offering a true 5.3 million SHU resin in a 2% solution. These formulas are legendary! Don’t take our word on it. Browse the Internet and see what people in general, and LE professionals specifically have to say. Additionally, the word ‘true’ is very important, because some companies have their own systems of heat measurement, or they are not even using organic resins, but rather something called PAVA, which is artificial OC, and not nearly as effective as the real stuff. What that means to you, specifically, is that they may say their sprays have the same intensity as FOX, but in reality they are far weaker, and less likely to afford you the same kind of results when you need them.

The bottom line is this:

If you are serious about wanting the absolute best products of their kind you really must consider the FOX line-up of superlative aerosol defense sprays. Once you use them we know that you will agree with the hundreds of thousands of police officers, deputies, corrections officers, government and military personnel and civilians, that already believe there are none finer in existence. You will find that, like you, we take our job seriously.
SPECIAL NOTE: Although we do everything we can to ensure that our units will perform exactly as expected, it is possible for a number of reasons a unit may fail to do so. Although the odds of this happening with FOX brands are extremely small, (literally a mere fraction of one percent) it can happen in varying frequency to units of any brand from all manufacturers. As such, if it would make you feel more comfortable or safer, it is okay to give your unit a short test burst to make sure it performs as you expect. This should not affect future performance. You should only do this outside, ideally in an open area—away from other people and animals, with the wind, if any, to your back. If you decide to do this, we do suggest that you use a cotton swab or some other absorbent material with alcohol on it so you can clean out the spray nozzle opening and surrounding surface area. This is to make sure you remove any pepper residue from the test spraying, so you do not accidently touch the contaminated area and then touch a part of your face or body - resulting in a most unpleasant experience!

Our Lines of Pepper Spray Products:

Personal Pocket Units
These unassuming 'mini' sprays are ideal for carrying in a shirt pocket, boot, vehicle or for hand-held concealment for close-in encounters.
Spring-Loaded Flip Top
2, 3 and 4-ounce. Spring-Loaded Flip Top Units available in Heavy Stream and Medium Cone–Fog Spray Patterns.
Foam Units
For close-in situations and enclosed areas. Great for schools, hospitals and other areas where cross-contamination must be kept to a minimum.
MEAN GREEN®” “H2OC®”— green, water-based OC formulas consisting of resin rated at 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) and 20.4% Capsaicinoids, that is so purified it is virtually clear.
Firemaster (FOG) Top
Finger loop makes for easy carry and discharge, keeping the unit in proper firing position.
Inert Training Units
Available as stock items in 2-oz. Flip Tops. Choose from Heavy Stream or Medium Fog (Cone) patterns.
Special Tactical Units
These units combine strong visual deterrent qualities with high-powered cone or stream emissions to 20 + feet.
Special Tactical Units (Grenades)
Hand held units designed for tossing. "Lock-On" style for continuous discharge of contents.
Crowd Control Tanks
The all new Mega Pack shoots a 14 inch diameter stream of pepper spray approximately 40 feet and is designed for use in public order.
Personal Size Duty-Belt Units
2, 3 & 4 oz. Cop Top Sprays in Heavy Stream or Cone-Fog Patterns: Striking appearance with wide-mouth activator Cop Top for unparalleled discharging.
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