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Fox Labs International's
Premium Defense Spray
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All of our sprays are
non-flammable, Taser-safe,
and available in a wide
range of sizes.
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Fox Labs International's Premium Defense Spray Products® are formulated to be the safest, hottest and most effective you can buy! All of our sprays are non-flammable, Taser-safe, and available in a wide range of sizes with varying percentages of pepper, combinations of pepper and tear gas and ultra-violet dye.
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Welcome to Fox Labs International

Thank you for your interest in our unsurpassed products and for taking the time to visit us. The following pages will acquaint you with our company and provide virtually all of the information you will need to make a determination on how all of our outstanding products can make you safer, more efficient and more effective when using products in these categories. All of our products are proudly made in North America and are currently being used by thousands of professionals in law enforcement departments, government agencies, correctional facilities, EMS/fire departments, hospitals, and military organizations around the world. The reason is simple—we offer the highest quality, field-proven effective and innovative products available. In other words, we sell the best products in the world!

Fox Labs Was Founded in 1992

Fox Labs was founded in 1992, and has been supplying the best-informed law enforcement agencies in the world with superlative products since 1994. They are the best informed because they really know the facts about products in these categories. The people that make the decisions to carry our products make them based on these facts. They choose to use Fox products because they know that the product performance is unequaled by any other brands. It was that way in the beginning, and remains so, today.

Chronological Timeline:

Get to know The Fox Labs brand by viewing our interactive timeline.  Also check back frequently for new updates.

Most of our customers come to us by word-of-mouth referrals or after being exposed to the products during training. Our original line-up is limited to a select group of items that have been proven in the field to be the absolute best in their categories. These include FOX Premium Aerosol Defense Sprays, Sudecon® Decontaminant Wipes, the Full Safety Holster, and Bad Bob/HeadShot Bob Tactical Target Training Systems. In 2002 we partnered with Pine Tree Law Enforcement Products*—the leading police research and manufacturing facility in Canada—to enable us to offer you an even greater assortment of products. (*Pine Tree went public and became Lamperd Less Lethal in 2005.)
However, the main criteria wasn’t just to add products, but to add products that would continue the legacy that Fox Labs has created: to bring you items that are the highest quality, field-proven effective and innovative products available in the world today. Lamperd's products do that, precisely! But they do one thing more, and this too keeps in the tradition started by Fox Labs in 1992, and that is to be the first to offer the items in these categories to you.
You will certainly want to check out the biggest advancement in less-lethal firearms since the 1970's with The Defender Series, less-lethal, 20-gauge revolvers. Although designed to supplement 12-gauge, 37 and 40mm weapons, you will see that this system is so accurate, safe, and versatile that it can replace other weapons in the category. This version has been categorized by the BATF for use by Police and Military only. The latest addition to this line-up is a two-shot derringer that has applications for civilians as well as for law enforcement professionals. The revolutionary, Interlocking Riot Shields have been used around the world for years, but they have been improved and are now being offered for the first time in America! Whether for the street and crowd control situations or in a jail or prison environment for cell extractions, you will see that there is nothing that provides officer protection in such a superb control tool. The addition of Lamperd's apparel, accessories, and training equipment means you can have the same field-proven items, used most recently by Canadian forces in Afghanistan. Or, if you have the need, you can take advantage of a custom-made service that can usually provide you with a working prototype within 10-working days on most items. When it comes to less-lethal ammunition, no company is more cutting-edge than Lamperd. You will want to review what we currently offer and then keep checking our web page to see the new offerings that are currently being created and tested, even as you read this. You may or may not have heard of Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd., but they are "the" security accessories company in the United Kingdom. When you see their unique product line you will understand why they are fast becoming the accessories of choice by more and more law enforcement agencies throughout Europe, and soon North America. Finally, we are also offering a full line of robotics systems. If you want the exact system used in the World Trade Center searches, or a system used to diffuse explosives with high-powered water jets, or our newest—and exclusive—version that will combine robotics with our 20-gauge pistols, our new Crowd Control Tanks (CCT), or anything in between, you will find that Fox Labs will be able to deliver. This is a category that is on the leading edge of less lethal technology, and as these times makes tougher demands on law enforcement and military agencies these products will meet the demands head-on.

What good are outstanding products if you don't have outstanding training programs to go with them?

Fox Labs and Lamperd bring to training what they bring to their product categories: unsurpassed leadership, experience-based agendas and proven integrity. This isn't your typical training. If you are just looking to pay a fee and get a certification certificate, go somewhere else. Unlike other company-sponsored programs where payment of a fee and attendance guarantees certification, payment of your fee with our courses guarantees the best training available in the category, but no certification unless you fulfill the requirements and pass the tests. Although most of our classes will eventually be held at the 15-acre Lamperd Less Lethal Training Facility in Sarnia, Ontario, you will find links to our authorized trainers and their organizations that are located around the country. You won't find a name on the list that hasn't passed our unyielding standards, & you'll find they won't pass you unless you meet them, too.
The choice is simple. It isn't the size of the company that makes its services and products desirable. It is the integrity and heart of the organization coupled with the proven quality of the products testified to by the officers that use them day after day. This should be your criteria. And the more facts you know about Fox Labs International and the products in these categories, the sooner you will be using Fox products, too.